It is impossible to imagine a life without electricity as all our modern devices, gadgets and home appliance like refrigerators, microwave ovens, ACs, televisions, computers, fans, heaters, etc require electricity. You truly understand the value of electricity when there is a power failure. So if you need immediate assistance for electrical services, then you can simply call an expert electrician and make your life easy. At Aarchi we are one-stop- solution for all your electrical services needs. Aarchi’s professionals help you with any assistance in electrician service in Raipur ensure safety of your home and family. Also, this expert electrician in addition to relevant skills has all the necessary tools that allow them to carry out a highly efficient job in real quick time.

Our Electrician services -:

  1.  Complete electrical work :- Installing new connections, laying wiring, switches, fixing fans, water coolers, ACs, ROs etc.
  2. Installation of New Electrical items :- Installation and fixing of Kitchen exhaust fans, ROs, switches, Fans, coolers, ACs and other installation of electrical work related household new items.
  3. Repair of Electrical Items :- Repair and replacement of items like switches, wires, motors, bulbs, fans, coolers, and air conditioners. Repair of ROs, Microwave, Oven, inverters and other electrical appliances are also performed.
  4. Regular Electrical work in households: - Switch, bulb, tube light replacement or repair · ROs, ACs, Fans, Coolers fitting, cleaning, repair, and installation · Laying down wire network in new room or newly constructed house.


  • Service Name Electrician
  • Price ₹ 300.00
  • Time 1.00 hours
  • Discount 0.00 %