Cleaning & Renovation


Everyone is aware that cleanliness is very much needed for the promotion of home, society and business. Cleanliness not only promotes home, society and business but it also keeps healthy and environmental conditions under control, hence everyone is clean Gives so much merit to. We provide a comprehensive customized cleaning solution for all types of commercial cleaning needs including routine cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, building washing, pressure cleaning, floor stripping and sealing, toilet and amenities cleaning  Our experienced and fully qualified partner is responsible for all types of cleanliness. Our team will do our best to do everything possible. Our every partner is personally trained. Our team is the best service for you here. We are available on all days and are ready for all emergency calls. With the website, you can book your desired home service such as home cleaning, office cleaning, floor cleaning, marble polishing, sofa-carpet cleaning, paste control and many other services directly to your desired staples and at a cheaper rate Provides service at your doorstep. In this way Archie service makes your life easy and comfortable. Customer trust and safety is our first goal.

We provide all types of cleaning services related to Domestic and Commercial.

 House , Apartments & Society.
 Office & Commercial Buildings.
 Education Institutions.
 Medical Institutions.
 Hotels & Restaurants.
 Event Facilities.

  • Service Name Cleaning & Renovation
  • Price ₹ 1000.00
  • Time 1.00 hours
  • Discount 0.00 %