Ac & Refrigerator Repair


Air Condition Service

1. Service include general visit of AC Technician to check health of AC and to diagnose any issue in AC. After the visit proper inspection report and quotation will be submitted to client.
2. General AC Service includes Cleaning of Fan Coil, Cleaning of Filter, Cleaning of Drainage Piping with wet method, Checking Gas Level only. General Services doesn’t include any repair work or replacement of any parts.


1. Service includes visit of Technician only to diagnose the problem in Refrigerator. After the visit work & cost estimate will be given to customer. This does not cover any Repair or Service work.

2. General Service includes Cleaning of Condenser, Drain Cup, Drain Area & checking the Cooling Gas levels , Water Leakage only. General Services doesn’t include any repair / replacement of any parts.

  • Service Name Ac & Refrigerator Repair
  • Price ₹ 500.00
  • Time 1.00 hours
  • Discount 0.00 %